The Footwear Academy: How we are Disrupting the Landscape of the Footwear Industry in Nigeria

Hi Chidinma, what’s your background, and what are you currently working on?

My name is Chidinma Emodi Chukwuemeka. I am the Co-founder of The Footwear Academy. I started The Footwear Academy with my husband in 2017.

The Footwear Academy is a footwear hub that enables young people to produce export-standard footwear products through training, access to quality and affordable raw materials, and job-matching opportunities. We started out in July 2017.

My background surprisingly is not in shoemaking or fashion. I have a degree in Zoology from the University of Nigeria. So afterward, I did my one-year NYSC in Akwa Ibom in 2013 and immediately after, I got a job in a telecommunications firm, I worked in the Marketing department, so I started out in marketing and brand building career in the telecommunications industry.

After 2 years, I moved up to a tech company as a digital marketing officer and moved to a research company as head of operations and business development, so I was more into marketing, business development, and branding than shoemaking.

I got introduced to shoemaking by my husband surprisingly; he wanted to start out a shoe company because he had an interest in it. I had a good interest in marketing, so we put our heads together and started out The Footwear Academy.

What motivated you to get started with The Footwear Academy?

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