PROFILE: Chris Ani

Chris Ani is an insightful teacher, entrepreneur and author.

He leads a company called Digital Abundance whose mission is to help create wealth in developing nations.

Digital Abundance is a group company, so under Digital Abundance, there is Harmony Exchange, DABA, CryptoLife Capital as a hedge fund, and CryptoHub.

The core industry he’s focused on so far is online education and financial tools.

Chris Ani
Chris Ani
How He Started

Chris credits his late father as the person who started planting the seeds of entrepreneurship in him.

There was an incident he encountered which involved his late father, and there and then he decided not to be a “salary” person.

That’s where the motivation started.

And as for Digital Abundance, he knew it was time to aggregate all the skills, experiences, and vision he has into a company. So the vision was to disrupt and create a future.

Obstacles and Future Plans

There were times when sales were not coming as it ought to, which in turn affected profits, and that was a challenging period for him.

There were other times too when he encountered losses in trades and customers weren’t coming to patronize while there was also a time when Facebook banned his crypto ads.

These were some of the challenges he faced.

What has made him move on despite these challenges is the fact that he uses every downtime not to pity himself, not to console himself but to encourage himself and push harder.

Chris’ goals for the future are to hit 100 of millions of people as users on his platform.

For instance, for his hedge fund, he wants it to become a billion-dollar hedge fund that will be managing billions in crypto.

For DABA, they want to colonize the entire African continent with high-income skill and digital education because it is the major tool for poverty eradication and wealth creation.

His Recommended Books

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Chris Ani
Chris Ani
His Word of Advice to Entrepreneurs

As a leader, as an entrepreneur, learn how to sell because there are times when you will build software and if you can’t sell, you will be stuck.

Learn how to sell, then learn how to build. If you can do the two combined, you will be unstoppable.

You can connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

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