Naijaloaded: How I Built Nigeria’s Most Visited Online Platform – Azeez Makinde

Hi Makinde, what’s your background, and what are you currently working on?

I’m Azeez Makinde, a Blogger, Online Entrepreneur, and businessman. I’m the Founder and CEO of Naijaloaded; the most visited online platform that delivers hot Nigerian Music, Video, Entertainment Gist, and News Contents on a daily basis to Nigerians Home and Abroad.

Azeez Makinde
Azeez Makinde
What motivated you to get started with Naijaloaded?

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  • My head and heart is just some how heavy right now, at same time i am so happy reading this, Makindez had always been my motivation why i started a blog, i always watch his videos, read his contents and advice.

    To what i understand from this his story so far is, never rush in life, just keep working hard and believe you can do it, also try bringing in new ideas that will not only help u but the multitude.

    And also, bloggers should not only be chasing SEO all bcs of Google adsense money, bloggers should keep focus and create new ideas.

    Well, i can’t just say all i have understand here, let me go and sleep and digest all this. God bless you baba, you shall leave long.

    Just know you are my mentor sir.

  • His story is actually one from a hero, what inspires me is that he has been able to remain relevant for morethan 10 years.

    I’m actually from Cameroon but i take inspiration from Nigeria.
    i will keep fighting till i export Cameroon music with my platform

    • Indeed very inspiring,
      Glad to know you are from Cameroun. Keep pushing great content and trust me, our eyes are on you.


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