From Emotional Heartbreak to Business Breakthrough: How I Started Footwox – Omotiafe Otuogbai

Can you give a brief detail about yourself and your inspiration to build your brand?

My name is Omotiafe Otuogbai. I’m from Edo State. I’m an entrepreneur. I consider myself to be a creative person. I love creativity a lot and I feel creativity is endless. I started my business officially in February 2019.
Before starting my business officially in 2019, I worked for 3 years in an entertainment company until we all got laid off. As a result, I had to leave my house to afford the rent. Coupled with these and a terrible break-up, I caved in to depression.

I picked up a reading habit during this period after some experiences with suicidal thoughts. As a suggestion from one of my favorite books, I also started visiting the gym to take my mind off things. And at that time, these were among the few things I felt like I had control over.

While working out, I started to feel like my old self again. I had become so committed to working out that it became the only thing I would think about. I started to feel the creative juice flowing once again *laughs* and so I started my business, Wox Collections.

Omotiafe Otuogbai

Was Footwox your first start-up?


What are the products currently sold by Footwox?

We initially started with shoes and then branched out to other fashion items such as outfits, sport wears, bags, etc. I wanted Footwox to stay true to the shoe business alone so I created a division called Bodywox and renamed the company Wox Collections.

It could not have been all roses and rainbows while starting, especially with your state of mind at that time. Were there any challenges you experienced while starting the business? If yes, can you tell us about them?

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