How I Started Poultry Farming With Just 100 Birds and No Knowledge of Agriculture

Hi Pamela, what’s your background, and what are you currently working on?

My name is Ayodele Pamela. I’m the CEO of O.O Ayodele Nigeria Enterprises. I’m into Poultry and Fish Farming.

I started my farm 7 years ago (2013), but I registered my company 5 years ago (2015), so you can officially say I started 2015.

Ayodele Pamela
What motivated you to get started with farming?

I never had the tiniest intention of going into farming at all. In fact, I would have strongly disputed it if I had been told that I would ever be involved in farming.

Then, I used to buy catfish, and eggs, that’s how I saw a vacant land and they quoted the price as N600,000. I bought it, and that’s how I got started with Fish Farming.

When I first bought the land, I constructed a pond then I started breeding fishes. So, later someone now bought about 500 Layer Chicks, then told me that he still has like 100 left, and I felt the price was cheap, so I just bought the remaining ones.

Having nowhere to house the chicks, I begged someone to allow me to keep the chicks with him, then I go to feed them. When the chicks started laying, I just used to dash it out.

So, my husband just told me one day that I spend money to buy their feeds, and drugs too, that instead of dashing out the eggs, I should start selling them instead, and that’s how I slowly started my Poultry business.

Whenever the eggs reach 10 crates, I’ll sell them; I then noticed that this was a profitable venture, that’s when I now built a suitable housing for them, then I moved the 100 birds there. After, my husband supported me to get 500 birds to add to the existing ones.

So, that’s how I started with Fishery and Poultry without having any knowledge of it. I practiced with my own chicks and fishes, no prior learning at all.

Since launch, what has worked to attract and retain customers?

Immediately you start building your pen, customers are already coming, and when you start selling, and your eggs are good, they begin referring you to others.

There is what we call GLUT; this means when there is an excess number of eggs but no customer, so we need to drop the price.

We drop the price, and also take the eggs to our customers, and give them room for credit, so as to be able to sell it off.

What’s the minimum capital to start with?

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