How I Created Riby After 8 Failed Startups – Abolore Salami

Who are you and how did you get started with Riby?

My name is Salami Abolore. I’m the Founder and CEO of Riby.

It was a personal journey that started in 2002, 2003. Those are my years of awakening. My mission in life became very clear in that period and it was ‘how do we solve the critical problem that we face as Nigerians and Africans and hopefully the world’ but the world is good at solving its problems so far.

Making our own country and our own continent better was the critical mission that I had. And this was part of my personal journey knowing that I can put things together and wanting to solve my personal mission.

Anyways, that’s when it started; 2002, 2003. This continued all through my university days and when I started working. In 2012, it became a case of earning salary but it wasn’t clear how people will become financially self-sustainable or wealthy or rich or comfortable earning salary without a clear structure and that was where the thought of ‘how do you make the system that make it easy for people to create wealth, build wealth, preserve wealth and transfer wealth?’ became a mission for me and it was simply ‘how do you make sure people always have money, people never go broke?’.

Those were the kind of questions that I asked myself and that was where the purpose of Riby started and that purpose, that mission for Riby today is what we call ‘creating prosperous communities’.

How do we ensure that our people and communities are prosperous? So that’s how we started.

Abolore Salami
Abolore Salami
What motivated you to get started with Riby?

I’m lucky that a few things became clear to me early in life as far back as 2004. I’m not so worried for myself in the sense that I’m not so worried as to how I’m going to progress in my life in aspects of being rich, having more money, having a good family.

So I was pretty comfortable and confident that I would be able to build or create wealth, so I was more focused on solving problems that affected not just me but a lot of people. I’m usually always looking for ‘okay if I’m having this problem, am I the only one having the problem?’.

My core problem has always been how to solve problems that affect a lot of people. I knew that if I do that sufficiently, it doesn’t matter if I’m working for myself or somebody else, I’ll be fine.

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